The Creation of Lil Chad

Lil Chad is a funny take on the problems we all face in the 21st century. He was inspired after talking to some other guys about what it is like raising kids, dealing with technology, and all the influences that come with it. But I can’t draw…so how would I go about making my comic a reality?

The answer is the internet…or in an old-fashioned way of speaking, a free-lancer. I contracted with an artist to bring my creation to life on a work-for-hire basis. This was the same model that Marvel Comics used for many years to create some of their most successful characters.

I found the process a lot of fun. I supplied my script with panel descriptions as well as character design descriptions and let him go. Within 24 hours I had a first draft of the art for my comic strip. Now we got to the revision phase.

I have never had more sympathy for George Lucas in my life before I actually had to revise and approve my creation for public consumption. The thought of always finding another to improve or make something more perfect can be paralyzing. Respect for the work of the artist and the financial cost of continued revision caused me to reach a point of acceptance.

I debated with myself and sought feedback from people I trusted regarding what the right choice would be. In the end, those I consulted with and I agreed on what would look best. Not getting too caught up in trying to revise is important to remember when entering a visual medium like comics as this can cause you to miss your deadline. I now had a comic strip ready for public consumption that I could be proud of.